I nostri romanzi in traduzione inglese…

The Baroness Sophie Lemaire dreams of marrying the Count Charles Mercier, the man for who she fells something since many years. He is a very handsome man, with the angelic face but with a heart very cold and detached. Camille, her closest friend and confidant, tries to convince her to look elsewhere, but her stubbornness has no equal. Suddenly arrives at court, the Count Roland Chevalier, known throughout France for his sleazy reputation, so she decides to leave him to court her for becoming jealous Monsieur Charles. Meanwhile, the attentions of this attractive libertine make inroads into her heart…


Giulia (Julia Katarina Muravyov) is a nobler of Russian origin, born in 1826 in Turin, where her mother has taken refuge after her husband was sentenced to death for having participated in the Decembrist revolution last year. In 1855, during the Crimean War, Julia falls for a medical officer of the Piedmontese army of Hungarian origin, Count Theodore Von Berg, becomes pregnant and marries him, but after a few years, their marriage is already in crisis and so, when, in 1859, during the War of Independence, Julia, who is at the front as a volunteer nurse, knows the correspondent of “The Times” Ferdinand Eber, who was also of Hungarian origin, she realizes that she feels something for him. . . in the midst of the struggle for Italian independence between battles, escapes and unexpected, Julia and Ferdinand will be able to trust each other and to live fully their love story?


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